Free delivery anywhere in the world with no minimum purchase

How to pay ?


How is the delivery going locally?

– We deliver to Antananarivo every Wednesday and Friday. It can also be sent to the provinces, depending on your choice of sender:
Colis Express, Cotisse, etc.

How is the delivery abroad?

– We deliver all over the world. No matter where you are, our POKPOK items will reach you. Our free delivery and delivery (except for exceptional conditions mentioned in the T & Cs) is carried out in collaboration with DHL. Customs taxes are at your charge when applicable.


Can you make customized bags?

– We can create personalized pieces on request by email to and will try to answer you as soon as possible on the feasibility of your request.

Are your pieces available immediately?

– Whenever possible, our pieces are available immediately in the color and size you want. If they are not available in stock, we can prepare them for you within a minimum of 7 to 10 days.

How long does it take to make the items?

– On average, it takes seven (7) days for an item (crocheting, assembly, finishing)


How do your collections and lines work?

POK POK currently has a permanent collection, including two lines: Diavolana and Avana.

Where are your pieces created?

Our pieces are all created and made in Madagascar. Each piece is a fragment of passion, hard work, with love, made with the greatest care by our talented craftsmen.

Where to find us?

Do you have physical stores?

Find us at these addresses in Madagascar:

– Asara Select Store – Ground floor Atrium Ankorondrano building, Antananarivo 101

– Soasoo Home Antsahavola 77 Parliament Street, Antananarivo 101