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The raffia

Once upon a time... raffia

The raffia farinifera is a huge palm tree that is most often found in the coastal regions of the big island of Madagascar. It is from this tree that the main material used for our creations comes from, this vegetable fiber also called raffia.

Our craftsmen use their ancestral know-how to weave the raffia in different stitches. They give life to this solid and yet so precious material, to make pure jewels, steeped in modernity.

Magnify the heritage

Our "savoir-faire"

Raffia has always been an integral part of Madagascar’s identity.
In fact, 80% of the world’s raw raffia comes from our island. This material is both flexible and biodegradable, its impact on the natural ecosystem is neutral.
Anxious to maintain the ancestral craft of crocheting, it is only natural that we have chosen to use this extraordinary and highly flexible plant fiber.
We are committed to giving it a dimension in tune with the times by associating it with different materials such as leather, metal chains, and more.