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Pok Pok was born in 2012 at the initiative of Andrianina and Fitia Randriamifidimanana, with the ambition to bring to light Madagascar’s precious heritage of craftsmanship and the desire to write a new story, both modern and free.

In 2019, Pok Pok turned a new page: Ando Ramanantsoa joins the team as designer and artistic director. The magic is at work and the adventure continues. Driven by a love for the handmade, Pok Pok designs articles that combine modernity with tradition inspired by the surrounding Malagasy roots and customs.


Pok Pok is a singular expression of our remarkable culture, a culture that comes to life and finds meaning when shared with the world.
Miha-velona sy miha-mivoitra ny hakanton’ny kolontsainay rehefa havoaka hohitan’izao tontolo izao. Rehefa sendra ampihaonin’ny fiainana eny ho eny, dia i Pok Pok no anisan’ny maneho ny hamevan’izay kolontsainay izay.

We view each person as unique and deserving due consideration.
Izahay dia mino fa manan-kasina sy miavaka ny olona tsirairay ka mendrika ny homen-kaja sy lanja.

We firmly believe that authenticity is born from simplicity.
Mino koa izahay fa ny fahatsorana no mamoaka ny tena izy marina.

And it is our conviction that elevating our heritage is the right way to craft together the future.
Ary ny fanandratana ny lova navela hoan-tsika no anisan’ny fomba tsara indrindra hananganana ny hoavy.



At the heart of our team sits one main ambition: guaranteeing a fashion that preserves the human in all of us.
Our esteemed collaborators, from craftsmen, dyers and producers to many more, who are hands in with the brand are passionate and well aware of our authentic vision to elevate our heritage.
They are the foundation of our approach and give meaning to our commitment.



Of all the sounds in the world, we choose to be a vigorous breath of authenticity and aspire to leave an impression, singular in form and equally brilliant, that holds the meticulous and delicate process of creation in high regard.



From the very beginning, we have always regarded true wealth to rest on our desire to weave harmonious connections.
This is why, over the years, we have been driven by the intention to bring the best out of ourselves and are grateful to have formed, respectful, honest and lasting relationships together with everyone around us.



We are aware that a vital and intense change is necessary to preserve our marvelous ecosystem.

We are committed to being agents of this change through our daily commitments, the load we share in this endeavor:

- Respect for the environment: we choose dyes that comply with Oeko Tex standards, i.e. non-harmful to the environment, we favor the digital and the use of media thereby reducing our paper usage, and we inform our team on how to be more environmentally aware. We have started to set up a pre-order system in order to produce only what is necessary when possible, while minimizing the amount of waste.

- Promoting well-being and health at the work place: we have set up a sustainable and self-sufficient vegetable garden intended to help prepare meals for our small canteen, and we also regularly organize team breakfasts in order to enjoy cheerful moments together.

These values are our roots: they reflect both our personality and that of our team. We also share them daily with our customers and partners.
They reflect the voice of our approach, our heart’s desire.